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FRENEMIES final four - WEEK 22

It's been a long week and a longer season for the Frenemies out there. A season where we've seen the downfall of a champion, the rise of a rookie, some great shit talking, blockbuster trades, questionable moves, and really dynamite recaps.

Before we get into it, I'd like to share with all of you a brief interview with our Commissioners. *I was sadly unable to get Evan or Dave on this so please feel free to honor their spirit and support them by watching the new Lord Huron video Evan directed and Steve Garvey hit this walk-off hummer during the 1984 NLCS against the Cubs. 

While our Commissioner refuses to get his hands dirty on the dynasty league issue at the forefront of every losing team's mind, this player is strongly in favor of it. Think about it. Ok, now for the good stuff.

Beauxbatons (5th seed) vs. Hiery bosh (8th seed)


I can only assume and hope this was an exciting match-up for these out-of-towners. Here in LA the buzz in the streets was pretty subdued. As to be expected with both teams layin in the cut and staying above the frey throughout the season. Both teams, although solid playoff contenders exceeded their expected showing to get into the rarified air of the semi-finals. Beauxbaton bringing the hammer down against Bubbles and Hiery taking down free lesson (actually we expected that).

Finally in the Final Four, our out-of-towners but up pretty average numbers per their regular season totals with Beauxbaton out performing their averages only in blocks and steals. Hiery lost some fury from the previous week and although he put up pretty respectable totals across the board, he lacked the stand out performances that Beaux beaux was able to coax out of Pokemon aficionado Draymond Green or beard aficionado James Harden.

We'll be keeping a close eye on Bauxbaton as he makes the slow climb to the top of the mountain this week. Congratulations and good luck.



Wow. This has been quite a season for our young upstart Frenemies. The Sophmore vs. Rookie battle. Eastside Basketball champions pitted against each other. 2 friends enter. 1 leaves. I think I speak for all the Frenemies out there in saying we're all real proud of you kids. And you should both be pretty proud of yourselves.

Rufus, affectionately in league circles as The Recycler as he made the dropped mistakes of others, his winning strategy has had an all too familiar easy ride to the top. Somewhat reminiscent of last year's rookie league champion (seen here in better times) who's meteoric rise to the top was not only unprecedented for a rookie, but kind of crazy. As we've seen this year, sometimes winning it all can take a little bit out of the front office's motivation to stay on top of free agency rumors and the Leauge chatter.

We were able to grab a quick interview with Rufus management last Saturday night as it came down to the wire. Take a listen and gain a little insight into the mind of Rufus.

Really interesting stuff. Clearly this is a man who weighs all the possible outcomes and relies heavily on analytics, drugs and booze to formulate the complex algorithmic structure that has dictated his pick ups. Just fascinating. His frankensteinian team of rejects, misfits and dropouts have come together with some sort of Bad News Bears style win it for the gipper mentality.

It just so happens we were also able to grab Purple and Fold's coach, designer, and manager for a little 1-1. Take a listen:

Again, just riveting stuff. Despite the karaoke in the background, slurred speech and lots of I don't know I think it's clear by looking at the very formidable squad of Purple that it's no surprise he was in the mix.

Well as the Sunday sun set and we all started thinking about our shitty jobs on Monday there was just one thing on the mind of Rufus and his team; victory and the coming championship on the horizon. This wire to wire matchup really came down to it as can be heard in the interviews above with no team exuding the type of drunken confidence normally heard at an Alex Chernoff party. 

Congratulations to Rufus and good luck next week. Ya did it kid.

Well it's been a fun year. I'm sad to see it end. Despite a pitiful showing on my behalf I still count it as a successful season. I swung big, went for it and fell on my face (Kevin Durant's glass foot can't support all this!). Already looking toward next year, and advocating for us to get real and make this a dynasty league. It just makes sense. 

Well good luck to all those still giving a shit about this and time to start focusing on the Eastside Softball season and fantasy league (I'm seriously down for this...anybody else?).