Public Safety & Neighborhood Empowerment







200,000 SQ FEET


Project Overview


While working for Los Angeles City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel as District Director for the Second Council District I created a program aimed at reducing property crime, improving neighborhood safety and engaging residents to improve their community.





Many neighborhoods of the district were struggling with consistent issues of graffiti, public dumping, as well as rising issues of property crime. Residents called the police as possible to report issues, but were without the systems to continually engage the appropriate LA City department to address the problems. Seeing the disconnect as a lack of information and engagement pathways, I created a program called Public Safety & Neighborhood Empowerment.


Create oppertunities for engagment


The first step to create lasting change in the community was to focus the conversation, identify issues, and create low barrier pathways to connect residents with the numerous departments in the City of Los Angels including LAPD, Bureau of Sanitation, Department of Transportation and many more.


Identify primary objectives


So much of the project success was owed to identifying clear objectives and a correlation between neighborhood clean ups and a reduction in public safety incidents. 


Create momentum


We championed our early successes and used micro tarted engagement to accelerate our progress focusing on a neighborhood street by street allows the residents to see the progress and join the momentum.


Share results and encourage new neighborhoods


As we transformed neighborhoods, word spread fast and the movement we created was replicated by the rest of the Council District and City of Los Angeles utilitizing our model for engagement and activisim


Sustainable methods of engagment


The goal of the program was to create lasting change in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles with new systems that the residents could rely on to engage the City when issues come up. The 3-1-1 call system and online reporting has provided millions of incidents reported and resolved since launch.